About Zeeshan


I help CIOs and senior business leaders transform and optimise their IT Operations by turning technology into a true business enabler. I achieve this by first creating a business-focused technology strategy then putting in place effective processes and teams to deliver actual performance and results.

Some highlights of the work I have successfully undertaken:

  • Enabled the reduction of financial risk for a BPO from an under performing take-on of a major Health Services client in UK.

  • Improved the quality of Technical and Operational Service Lines for a global Manufacturing customer leading to winning new business on an ACV in excess of £10m / year.

  • Reduced the occurrence of Major Outages on a customer account (TCV excess of £500m) which were impacting in excess of 5500 sales agents.


About Clear Methods Ltd

I am the Director of Clear Methods Ltd, a company registered and operating in UK through which I provide my services. If you are interested in finding out how I can help better align your technology operations to your overall business directions then why not get in touch.




I like reading and making Youtube videos on subjects related to improving Operational Performance and Transforming IT Operations. You can watch my Youtube videos on my channel here, ready my articles on Medium here. You can also find me on Instagram and Twitter.